First time

How to Prepare
   • Please arrive 20 minutes early (door is locked at the start of class)
   • Be hydrated: drink plenty of water during the day
   • Do not eat 2-4 hours before class
   • Be rested: no other exercise before class

What to wear
   • Women: shorts or tights, top, Men: shorts
   • Tight fitting clothing made of lycra or spandex is best (sweats not recommended)

What to bring
   • Bottle of water
   • Two large towels and a hand towel
   • Yoga sticky mat (you can rent or buy one at the studio)
   • Open mind and a sense of humor

How to recover
   • Hydrate and use electrolytes
   • Eat a good meal
   • Nap or sleep

   • Return to class the next day